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Salon Treatments

Award-winning natural and organic beauty and body treatments, in a stunning haven in the heart of Uppingham. We use a blend of Botanicals Skincare, locally made and certified natural and organic, along with our own growing range of eco-, earth- and vegan-friendly products. 

Lashes & Brows

​– Eyebrow shape 10.75
​– Eyebrow tint 10.5
​– Eyelash tint 17.5
​– Eyelash Lift and Tint 47 If you haven't had a tinting treatment with us before, within the last 6 months, have had either covid vaccination or any other health changes, you will require a patch test at least 24 hours prior to your appointment


​– Half leg 18.75
​– Three quarter leg 24
​– Full leg 27.5
​– Bikini 11.75
​– Extended bikini 14.5
​– Brazilian 33
​– Hollywood 35
​– Upper lip 8 ​– Chin 8.5
​– Upper lip & chin 15
​– Underarm 11.5 ​– Forearm 16.5 ​– Men's back/chest 26.5

Massage Treatments

​– Deep peace and stress relief (50 mins)


An unwinding and tension relieving treatment for both the soul and frame. Our therapists blend powerful massage movements from both the East and West in order to ease physical aches and calm the mind. Our delightful organic Deep Peace oil is used, offering notes of soothing lavender, rose geranium, sandalwood and marjoram to help you escape from the stresses of everyday life. This massage includes the back, neck, shoulders and scalp.

​– ORB back neck and shoulder massage

Our therapists will tailor massage to your individual needs. Starting with a consultation, we will establish your preffered massage pressure, any particular areas of tension or concern, and offer you the choice of three indulgent, organic massage oil scents. We combine powerful body massage techniques and influences, from both the East and West, in order to leave you feeling balanced and revived in both mind and body.

30 mins 36

45 mins 46

Course of 5 x 45 mins 199

Course of 10 x 30 mins 288

ORB full body massage (60 mins)


A basic yet beautifully balancing full body massage where you will be offered the choice of three pre-blended, organic aromatherapy oils before commencing powerful massage movements to relieve all over body tension. Arms and hands, legs and feet, back, neck and shoulders are included in this massage.

​– Rest and Restore full body massage (90 mins)


An in-depth and indulgent full body treatment beginning with a facial cleanse and hot mitt foot cleanse. Your scalp is massaged, with or without oil, the face and decollete, before we move onto the arms and hands, legs and feet, releasing knots of tension and soothing aches and pains, as we move around the body. The back of your legs and an exact back, neck and shoulder massage is also included, leaving no knots or areas of tension lingering, and the mind calmed, all using your choice of organic, pre-blended aromatherapy oil.

​– Balancing lemongrass back glow (50 mins)


An organic sugar scrub, perfectly balanced with essential oils, polishes your back, neck and shoulders to clear away and dead skins cells and congestion in those hard-to-reach areas. The exfoliant is removed and a deep and powerful lemongrass massage nourishes and detoxifies the often-neglected skin. You’ll feel balanced, uplifted, revived and silky-smooth skin, as tensions are eased and impurities lifted.

​– Holistic Head Massage (35 mins)


Inspired by the traditional Ayurvedic Indian head massage. This is a holistic and balancing massage to your upper back, arms and hands; shoulders, neck, scalp and face. This beautifully relaxing treatment focusses on wellbeing and is designed to release stress and tensions in your mind and shoulders.

​– Hopi ear candles with sinus and scalp massage (40 mins)


The perfect treatment to decongest and rebalance ear and sinus pressure, completed with a vitally calming sinus drainage massage and scalp massage. This holistic treatment is both heavenly and energy balancing at any time, but particularly beneficial after winter colds, or to ease hayfever symptoms.

Hands & Feet

​– File and gel polish (hands or feet)


Nail shape and application of long-lasting gel polish, giving you beautiful manicured nails for up to 3 weeks, and much longer on toes!

​– Gel polish removal and reapplication


​– Gel polish removal


​– ORB hand rescue (45 mins - gel finish) 41.5

Designed as the ideal rescue treatment, release aches and stress as we welcome your overworked hands with heated mitts, proceeding with nourishing and sprucing nails and cuticles. Hands are carefully nurtured and hydrated with glorious, uplifting, organic Botanicals products. You choice of complimentary, fast-drying nail polish is then applied.

​– Signature Organic Manicure (60 mins - gel finish) 48.5

Revel in the pampering and nutrimental benefits of our signature manicure. Treat your hands to an indulgent Himalayan crystal and dead sea mineral soak, followed by an organic hand and lower arm scrub. A balm or lotion is applied and palms massaged to release the aches, pains and tension from overworked hands. Cuticles are tidied, nails groomed, all topped off with a polish colour of your choice. This unique treatment brings you closer to nature and leaves your hands feeling rejuvenated, relieved and soothed.

​– MAN-icure at ORB (20 mins)


A total treat for busy male hands; enter into a hot mitt welcome, tidy of the nails and cuticles, nourishing them with our indulgent organic Botanicals products. We work to release tension in over-worked hands, leaving them refreshed, smart and revived.

​– ORB foot rescue (45 mins - gel finish 41.5

A swift but exceedingly satisfying treat for your toes, the ORB foot rescue, invites you in with a hot mitt welcome, neatening of the nails and cuticles. Your therapist will banish dry skin before applying balm or lotion to hydrate and heal the skin with one of our beautifully health-giving and hydrating organic products. To finish, a colour polish of your choice is used.

​– Signature Organic pedicure (60 mins - gel finish) 55

We introduce your overworked feet to heated mitts and begin your treatment by immersing them into a luxurious Himalayan crystal soak, to soften and warm. You will them embark in a divine organic scrub, followed by a stimulating foot and lower leg massage to revive tired, fatigued feet. Nail and cuticle work is also included, in addition to hard skin removal and a polish colour of your choice, is applied. You will be left feeling uplifted and revitalised, your feet and lower legs, soft, supple and soothed!


​– Back to basics facial (35 mins)


The classic pick-me-up for your skin, exclusively using Botanicals products. The ORB back to basics facial is an excellent introduction to organic skincare. Treat yourself to a luxurious blend of natural ingredients, tailored specifically by our therapists to meet and promote your skin’s needs. A delightful boost to your skincare routine and a blissful way to relax and unwind.

​– Organic glow facial (50 mins)


A personalised and deeply relaxing treatment that begins with an active consultation and detailed assessment of your skin before products are carefully selected to cleanse, tone, exfoliate, hydrate and balance. A glorious facial massage is included, and your treatment completed with a choice of hand, foot or scalp massage. A truly restoring and remedial treatment for all skin types.

​– Age-reversing rose facial (50 mins)


Pamper your skin with the many benefits of rose’s calming and repairing properties in ORB’s age-reversing rose facial. A rich and effective treatment using the Botanicals ‘nourish’ range which will deeply cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and lift your skin, leaving you with a radiant and youthful complexion, complimenting a balanced state of mind. We include cooling rose quartz facial rollers into our lifting facial massage to naturally banish puffiness, fine lines and areas of redness. To conclude your facial experience, we offer the choice of a relaxing hand, foot or scalp massage.

​– ORB signature facial (75 mins)


ORB’s signature facial is specially devised to enrich both your mind and skin in a nourishing treatment that transports you to complete serenity. Starting with an acupressure massage to the back of your body, relaxing your entirety and balancing the body’s energies. Your therapist will continue to deep cleanse and exfoliate the upper back, neck, face and décolleté using only organic skincare products, specifically selected for your individual skin type. Our experienced therapists will then perform a detailed facial massage, followed by a revitalising mask to restore the skins natural balance. Whilst the mask works its magic, you will be treated to a relaxing hand, foot or scalp massage. A truly divine experience that will leave you glowing and restored in both mind and body!

​– ORB Organic head to toe ritual (90 mins)


Indulge your senses in a delightful treatment, starting with a specially selected tea to compliment your experience. Allow yourself to unwind as we begin a vitality natural foot soak and scrub. Go on to be treated to an acupressure back massage, concluding with a face, neck and décolleté deep cleansing and nourishing facial with our beautiful Botanicals products, all tailored to suit your unique skin type. Choose between a luxury hand, foot or scalp massage to close your restoring therapy.

​– Radiant eyes ritual (15 mins)

17.5 (13.5 as facial treatment addition)

The ultimate revitalising, anti-ageing eye treatment that can be enjoyed as a stand-alone pick-me-up to awaken and brighten eyes, or simply added to one of our longer facial experiences. Delicate lifting and soothing movements are used to apply the divine Botanicals anti-ageing serum to help plump and firm the area. Cooling rose-quartz crystals are then used to reduce dark circles and puffiness and leave you feeling fresh faced, bright eyed and glowing.